Installation – Basics

Compacted gravel base for cedar hot tub

Our soaking tubs are meant to be freestanding, meaning no permanent hookups are required. While your tub does not require any fixed water or electric hookups, we have some tips on how to set things up for a more care-free experience.

Regardless of where you install your soaking tub, there are a few important points to address for each site.

  • Placement: It is critical that the tub sits flush with the ground so that it does not rock at all. If the tub is not completely square on its base it could eventually crack when filled with water due to the wood settling to ground from the weight when filled. We like to use Polypropylene Paver Base Panels directly under the tubs to create a contoured water and dirt resistant base. These can help make up for any minor imperfections between the installation surface and the wood base of the tub.
  • Filling your tub: You will need an easy way to fill the tub, such as from a nearby garden hose. If you choose not to use chlorine, bromide, or other chemicals to maintain the water, plan on filling and draining the tub once every week or two, depending on use.
  • Draining: When emptying your tub, have a plan for where the roughly 100 gallons of water will go. We recommend the following:
    • If you order a spigot with your tub you can connect this to a garden hose to drain the water away from the base of your tub.
    • By not adding any chemicals to your tub you can water your garden or pump the water into a barrel for another use.
    • It’s possible to build a base designed to drain the water away from the tub, such as a layer of gravel connected to a french drain.

On-the-Ground Installation

For a ground-level soaking tub install follow these tips:

  • While the underside of our cedar tubs are sealed, you should make sure to keep them out of direct contact with dirt or standing pools of water.

Deck Installation

Decks are capable of supporting even large hot tubs with the proper support. When filled with water and an adult, the weight of one of our tubs is around 1,300lbs. Typically the deck joists under the tub should be supported by at least one post. If you are a homeowner it is not a difficult job to add the post yourself. Otherwise consult with a licensed contractor if you have any doubts.

Deck reinforcement posts and footers for cedar hot tub
Footings and joists support for deck tub. Make sure the footings sit on at least two inches of compacted gravel.

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