Artisanal Cedar Soaking Tubs

Natural wood hot tub experience. Simple to own. Inexpensive to maintain. Hand made in Eugene, Oregon. 

Soak, Breath, Relax

Our hot tubs don’t require chemicals, use a small amount of water, and most importantly provide an absolutely amazing soaking experience. Our vision is to share this sublime, natural, small footprint soaking experience for an affordable price. 


How Does it Work?

Our cedar tubs can be filled with a garden hose in minutes. There are several options available for heating, both electric and propane (off-grid). In the summer they are great for cooling off. 

Simply drain and refill the tub every 1-3 weeks depending on use. Cost to fill the tubs at about 120 gallons is about 20 cents (Eugene, OR). 

No chemicals are needed. We do have options for filters and natural mineral treatments to help extend the water quality. 

Contact us for more information including how to order, how to heat, installation, custom sizes, and any other questions. 

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“I can’t imagine getting into a chlorinated hot tub after that”
“Better than imagined!!”
“It’s like having your own personal hot spring”
“As good as any hot tub I’ve ever experienced”

Learn More

Contact us to find out about options and how to order. We’ll work with you to provide the right design for your needs.



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