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Artisanal Small Hot Tubs Hand Made in Eugene, Oregon

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Soaking in small cedar hot tub


    Inspired by traditional Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs, we have created an affordable hand made product to share the amazing chemical-free soaking experience for aficionados of relaxing neck-deep in water.

    Fraction of the price of conventional hot tubs, fraction of the cost, fraction to maintain. With an unbeatable experience.

    Our soaking tubs are designed to live year-round outdoors. Their small footprint allows them to fit well onto decks, patios, gardens, and in many places a larger hot tub wouldn’t be the right choice for.

    Our standard size is 48″ long, 24″ wide, and 27″ deep, allowing comfortable neck-deep soaking while accommodating adults size feet tall to fully extend their legs.

    Accessories available include a removable in-tub seat for sitting higher in the water, hard and soft tops, bath trays, privacy screens, and custom benches to create a complete out door hot or cold soaking area.

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    We have designed our soaking tubs to require the minimum amount of installation to get started. All is needed is a well supported level base, a garden hose, and one of several options for heat.

    As these tubs hold only about 120 gallons, around 1/5th the amount of a four person hot tub, the water does not need to be treated with chlorine or other harsh chemicals, but can simply be drained and refilled as needed or about every one to two weeks at a cost of cents per fill. 

    Similarly, with much smaller volume of water to heat, energy requirements are much lower. A normal outlet is sufficient to run a 110volt heater or they can also be heated on demand by a portable propane on-demand water heater.

   Several options area available for customization including size, exterior finish, optional interior finish, top lip with or without shelf, plumbing hookups, and more.

     for form- Contact us to set up an in-person viewing at our  Eugene facility, for questions, and to start your order. As the summer draws to a close, demand is outpacing production so place your order soon to be able to enjoy this superlative hot tub experience when the cool air arrives.