We are continuously developing prototypes, new models, new product ideas, and experiencing all kinds of adventures as we work to turn our vision into reality. Elemental Works is very much a small hot tub laboratory. The goal of this blog is to help tell that story to share our vision and products. 

Cedar Ofura Hot Tub

How Bout a Cedar Ofuro Hot Tub?

Hinoki is the traditional wood for ofuro tubs in Japan. Also named Japanese cypress, this slow growing tree is a rot resistant member of the Cupressaceae family. The timber chosen for ofuros

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Plywood Hot Tub Home Made

A Plywood Hot Tub

What are the alternatives to a big, complicated hot tub that uses so many chemicals and so much energy? I just wanted a small hot tub for myself and my partner that

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Plywood Hot Tub Cowboy

A Simple Small Hot Tub

This grainy image of a guy in a cowboy hat in a small box is the vision that inspired Elemental Works. After shopping the market for a small one or two person

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