How Bout a Cedar Ofuro Hot Tub?

Cedar Ofura Hot Tub

Hinoki is the traditional wood for ofuro tubs in Japan. Also named Japanese cypress, this slow growing tree is a rot resistant member of the Cupressaceae family. The timber chosen for ofuros is typically of the highest quality, tight, straight grain without knots. Hinoki wood, especially in North America, comes at a premium, which is […]

A Plywood Hot Tub

Plywood Hot Tub Home Made

What are the alternatives to a big, complicated hot tub that uses so many chemicals and so much energy? I just wanted a small hot tub for myself and my partner that was efficient and easy to own. I really didn’t want to spend $5k+ on a manufactured depreciating asset that I may not end […]

A Simple Small Hot Tub

Plywood Hot Tub Cowboy

This grainy image of a guy in a cowboy hat in a small box is the vision that inspired Elemental Works. After shopping the market for a small one or two person conventional hot tub, I just couldn’t find a product out there that was what I was looking for. I have a very small […]

Electric Spa Heating Packs

Standalone 110V spa heater with pump and filter

Our personal hot tubs are efficient enough to be run from a standard 110V outlet. We can custom build the spa heating system for your tub to best fit your needs, including plumbing and heater housing to match your tub. Our heating system is based on a 110V spa controller that includes heater and adjustable […]

Heating Your Soaking Tub – Basic Science

Portable Tankless Water Heater for Cedar Hot Tub

One major difference when buying a soaking tub compared with a conventional hot tub is the heater is not built-in. For many people this gives them the benefit of flexibility to design a system that works best for their unique circumstances. You may not necessarily need to hire an electrician for a special 220V outlet, […]

Installation – Basics

Compacted gravel base for cedar hot tub

Our soaking tubs are meant to be freestanding, meaning no permanent hookups are required. While your tub does not require any fixed water or electric hookups, we have some tips on how to set things up for a more care-free experience. Regardless of where you install your soaking tub, there are a few important points […]