Personal Cedar Soaking Tubs

Artisanal Small Hot Tubs Hand Made in Eugene, Oregon

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Simple to Own
Natural & Sculptural
Sublime Experience

Inspired by traditional Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs, we build hand made rectangular wood tubs for outdoor hot and cold soaking.  Relax in your own deep water, chlorine and chemical-free personal hot tub.

Our vision is a beautiful, simple alternative to the large acrylic, jetted hot tubs. They are designed to be simple and inexpensive to install, own, maintain, and can be easily moved as desired.

Outdoor Natural Soak

Our soaking tubs are designed to live year-round outdoors. Their small footprint allows them to fit well onto decks, patios, gardens, and in many places a larger hot tub wouldn’t be the right choice for.


Simple Installation

We have designed our soaking tubs to require the minimum amount of installation to get started. All is needed is a well supported level base, a garden hose, and one of several options for heat.


Easy & Efficient

As these tubs hold about 100 gallons, or about 1/5th the amount of a four person hot tub. With a smaller amount of water to hear and the natural insulating properties of wood with our tops, it’s possible to keep heated 24/7 for less than $1/day running off a normal 110v outlet or propane heating system.

This is also a great alternative to chlorinated or bromine treated hot tubs. Filtering options, small amounts of peroxide, and mineral sanitizers are enough to keep the water clean for long periods. Then its simple to drain out the water to your garden and refill with fresh water, something not recommended for a large hot tub.


Options & Accessories

In addition to the tubs we also built matching wood tops, heat units, steps, privacy screens, benches, and surrounds.

Our tubs are available with several options including size, interior and exterior finishes, plumbing hookups, and more.



How to Buy

We are currently building each tub and accessory to order.  Contact us to schedule an in-person viewing at our workshop in Eugene or find out about freight delivery options.

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Contact us for custom support, setting up a visit to our Eugene shop, or to begin your order.


We’ll work with you to provide the right design for your needs.


“I can’t imagine getting into a chlorinated hot tub after that”
“Better than imagined!!”
“It’s like having your own personal hot spring”
“As good as any hot tub I’ve ever experienced”

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